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The difficulty ramp is so slow that it's barely noticeable, and the colors don't change pretty often, usually when you fall through multiple layers at a time. It's so easy at first that it's boring, until the randomized layers make you go back and forth across the screen 4+ times consecutively. Case in point, I played one round of it and made it to 1730. That said, it's a nice, simple concept, with lots of interesting ways you could build upon it, and the background changing color to match what color you are was a nice touch.

So, from what I found: time limit is pretty realistic unless you're going for the coins, and some of them are more forgiving of mistakes than others. The difficulty skyrockets at 3-4 and 3-5 though, and I was unable to get past 3-5.

Interesting and pretty game. A bit boring, primarily due to shortness, but has much potential.

I'm not sure about others, but I've not been able to get past wave 38 of survival mode.

Your game has a solid concept, and a lot of fun levels. I expect that the control scheme works well in fullscreen too. But having it zoom out around the edges of the window is awful, especially with the touchy controls. It also gets much, much worse in Exception 1, when you're zoomed out, so everything's even touchier, and it still zooms out just as much as before. And you're on a time limit.

The controls feel pretty clunky, the AI feels minimal, and the music is constantly clipping, or it is for me at least. Still, not too bad for being made in two days.

orange08 responds:

The controls might feel smoother if they were not grid-locked, I agree. I'll keep this in mind for expansions. Does the music clip every few seconds? Or does it clip every minute or so(like when it is starting over)?
Thanks for the feedback!

The storytelling is pretty damn good, and the music really sets the atmosphere. The graphics feel a bit lacking, and the movement feels really minimal, but I'm pretty sure that's mostly because of the limitations of Bitsy.

Nirag responds:

Thank you!
Yeah, both the movement and the graphics are typical of Bitsy.

Like chess, this has simple rules that interact with each other well, resulting in strategic thinking. Very nice.

AbdullahAlsayed responds:

Thank yo! I'm really happy that you liked it

I laughed a bit at this, and the puzzles were pretty good.

A fairly enjoyable game. After I got the golden sword, I managed to speedrun it in 144 seconds.

This game was spectacular, and I can honestly say I enjoyed every bit of it.

Emptygoddess responds:

Nice of you to say.

This seems like a cool box to fill in with whatever.



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