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Gives off a very old-style cartoon vibe, and the animation on it was super smooth too. My biggest complaint would be how short it is.

Very nice, love the art style.

I don't watch much film, but this is one of those ones I'm glad I did watch. Very funny, and the voice acting was pretty good.

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Well thought out level design, great artwork, mechanics definitely could use some polish. I do think that some variation in music throughout the levels would be nice, as well.

Loved level 15.
*Since I saw a bunch of people were having issues with level 15, skip if you don't want to be spoiled: lower left door, get ice, then the other two keys, go back the way you came, get tornado, then get fire/earth, go to the edge of the platform on the bottom, tornado back up, go to the upper part, use one lever, and then jump through the flames using earth mode*.

Fun at first, but the latter end of the difficulty curve, when you start drowning in items, becomes far too easy.

paulfromsmite responds:

"The Castle" is supposed to be the intro level, the next ones will probably be harder.

Short, hitboxes were a bit wonky, jumping could definitely be smoother, trajectory needs fixing. That said, the art and music set the atmosphere wonderfully, and the level design was great. A bit of fixing issues and making more levels, and this could go from good to amazing.

OurLittleStudio responds:

Thank you for playing our game! We will keep your suggestions in mind.

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The sound design is okay. A good few of your sounds are a bit boring, and could be far more interesting. Also, I don't quite think that the base starting at 1:00 meshes the best with the rest of the song, but that may well just be me.

The structure and flow of the song is pretty nice. The intro and outro are wonderful, and the transitions are fantastic. The one part that stands out like a sore thumb to me, however, is 1:28-2:07. Even though the transitions are good, that part doesn't feel like it flows with the rest of the song.

I feel as though the percussion could benefit from some sidechaining, particularly the snare around :56. Otherwise, the percussion seems very nice.

You should be proud of the composition, even accounting for the middle segment, it's by far your strongest point in this song. You also didn't do that badly with sound design, even with using an unfamiliar synth.

Very nice to see another song from you, it's been a while. Welcome back.

SirHadoken responds:

Heya man, sorry I'm a month late to the response here. I read this and processed it and just altogether forgot to acknowledge it.

I definitely agree with the sounds being boring; I don't really know how to do sound design. I've been trying to figure it out for ages but plugins and sound manipulation don't make sense to me no matter what I try. I actually intended to get rid of that bass and forgot it was there.

I actually figured people would think negatively of the transitions because of how abrupt they are; I'm glad to hear quite exactly the opposite. The transitions were the only part of the composition that I wasn't too proud of, Composition feels to me like it's pretty much the only strong suits I have when it comes to music, and I either have to learn how to deal with it or learn how to change it.

Thanks again for the detailed review, it's always greatly appreciated. <3

The melody is nice, but it definitely needs some variation over the course of the piece. It doesn't need to necessarily be a large amount of variation, just a note or two different every few repeats. But listening to the exact same melody played by different synthesizers for nearly three and a half minutes is kind of dull.

The bassline has the same issue as the melody, I noticed it has some variation, but it's basically the same throughout the song.

I feel like the toms at 0:06 and 1:42 would fit in a bit better with a slight fade-in automation track. Otherwise your percussion is quite varied and well chosen.

The mix is good, the toms being my only real complaint. The mastering also sounds pretty clean.

TLDR summary: Melody/bassline need some variation, toms could fit in a bit better, everything else is good.

Absolutely love this, it sounds almost like something out of Dragon Age. Would you mind sharing where you got those gorgeous vocals in the intro?

AceMantra responds:

Thank you for your kind words. I've never heard any of the music from Dragon Age but I'll take your word for it. ;)
The vocals used in the intro is called "Ethera 2.0" by Zero-G.


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I love everything about this piece. The lineart is awesome, the coloring is great, the texturing is fantastic, and the pose is badass.

aki-T144 responds:

Thank you sooooooooo much i really appreciate it!

I finally looked at this a bit closer and I can confidently say that pico's bitey shirt is my favorite part of this piece.

Troisnyx responds:

Eee, glad you loved that! I figured that there was no other NG mascot that could fit into the green of Pico's clothes.

This is pretty good, I do think it'd look better if it was slowed down a bit though.

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