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Very nice, love the art style.

I don't watch much film, but this is one of those ones I'm glad I did watch. Very funny, and the voice acting was pretty good.

I did not expect this plot. But I did crack up at the end, and the animation and sound effects beforehand were pretty good in my opinion.

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Like chess, this has simple rules that interact with each other well, resulting in strategic thinking. Very nice.

AbdullahAlsayed responds:

Thank yo! I'm really happy that you liked it

I laughed a bit at this, and the puzzles were pretty good.

A fairly enjoyable game. After I got the golden sword, I managed to speedrun it in 144 seconds.

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I both love this and can't stop laughing from how different everything is.

Not regarding the track, I had been mostly absent from newgrounds for a few months and didn't realize you had made a new account. Nice to see you still around. :)

I0TA responds:

Welcome back. I'm always here. NG is my home.

The snare (I think it's a snare) feels kind of sharp at first. The dubstep sounds could be a bit smoother as well, and the fast-paced part starting at 1:13 sounds like everything's trying to be over everything else. Also, while most of the sounds individually sound fairly smooth, it definitely sounds like it needs some EQing to make them work together properly. I definitely prefer this to the original though, as it has variance, which the original completely lacked.

Honestly, the best way I've found to figure out how a synth works is to take lots of presets and toy with them until I figure out what does what. There could be several different ways to alter your sound in the way you want.

SirHadoken responds:

I agree with this pretty much whole-heartedly. I had a lot of trouble balancing the way that the drums sound so that they were strong enough in the drop but not too strong in the beginning. The variation is definitely what I was going for I suppose; I was hoping that I could get all of the sounds to agree with one another but I admit it does feel cluttered in some areas. I have to learn how to fix that lol.
Thanks again <3

I didn't notice any of the instruments clashing with each other at all. Also, while the volume levels may be a little wonky between the elements at time, I'm going to guess that's because of the missing vocals. Your composition is really good on this one.

If your friend's vocals don't work, I'd suggest throwing a synth in that has an option to make it slide inbetween notes, and do it to the same tune the vocals were meant to be.

SirHadoken responds:

Yeah, I still need to fix the volumes in a few spots but I had to adjust them to fill the emptiness left by the absence of the vocals. I'm really hoping that Ardant's vocals come out alright; if either of us are unsatisfied with them then I'll take your advice and find a synth to fit it.
The reason I didn't take this one down is because I was really satisfied with the production aspect, I'm glad to hear that you thought similarly about it! I had a lot of fun with this, especially at the 1:06 part. I want to do a whole song in that style if it's possible. Music gets really fun if you don't get stuck ;p

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I give up, but by my estimation, you have around 1500 in this.

This is adorable.

This made me crack up for about 5 minutes...


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