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Gives off a very old-style cartoon vibe, and the animation on it was super smooth too. My biggest complaint would be how short it is.

Very nice, love the art style.

I don't watch much film, but this is one of those ones I'm glad I did watch. Very funny, and the voice acting was pretty good.

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Well, I'd say that this game succeeded on what it set out to do, and wonderfully at that. Would be great if you turned this into a full-fledged game.

The difficulty ramp is so slow that it's barely noticeable, and the colors don't change pretty often, usually when you fall through multiple layers at a time. It's so easy at first that it's boring, until the randomized layers make you go back and forth across the screen 4+ times consecutively. Case in point, I played one round of it and made it to 1730. That said, it's a nice, simple concept, with lots of interesting ways you could build upon it, and the background changing color to match what color you are was a nice touch.

So, from what I found: time limit is pretty realistic unless you're going for the coins, and some of them are more forgiving of mistakes than others. The difficulty skyrockets at 3-4 and 3-5 though, and I was unable to get past 3-5.

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Composition seems pretty solid, besides the sudden transitions, and mastering is mostly fine. I do think the sound design could use a fair bit of work though, as everything you're using seems a bit rough around the edges.

MajorMusic responds:

The rough around the edges stuff is probably just a result of using a free DAW.

Sounds great, and definitely has the potential for vocals. I'm not sure this is techno though.

I also miss your old attempts to create trailer music, because they led to something as amazing as this.

I0TA responds:

Thanks friend

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This is pretty good, I do think it'd look better if it was slowed down a bit though.

Is this a reference to this gif?

10/10 but still noping my way out of here.

Calybar responds:

hahaha he's harmless though, just cringy to look at but harmless

I make what could be vaguely considered music.


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