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The melody is nice, but it definitely needs some variation over the course of the piece. It doesn't need to necessarily be a large amount of variation, just a note or two different every few repeats. But listening to the exact same melody played by different synthesizers for nearly three and a half minutes is kind of dull.

The bassline has the same issue as the melody, I noticed it has some variation, but it's basically the same throughout the song.

I feel like the toms at 0:06 and 1:42 would fit in a bit better with a slight fade-in automation track. Otherwise your percussion is quite varied and well chosen.

The mix is good, the toms being my only real complaint. The mastering also sounds pretty clean.

TLDR summary: Melody/bassline need some variation, toms could fit in a bit better, everything else is good.

Absolutely love this, it sounds almost like something out of Dragon Age. Would you mind sharing where you got those gorgeous vocals in the intro?

AceMantra responds:

Thank you for your kind words. I've never heard any of the music from Dragon Age but I'll take your word for it. ;)
The vocals used in the intro is called "Ethera 2.0" by Zero-G.


The percussion from 0:24 to 1:10 is a bit too loud to begin with, and could probably use an automation track to fade it in. The hihat needs to be brought down some so it's not painful to listen to. Your mixing and composition is pretty good for starting out, but you definitely have some mastering problems to fix.

Post-change edit: Mastering problems have been fixed.

LuMa-Clutchet responds:

Ok thanks for the feedback I Just changed it. tell me if you think its better now

Composition seems pretty solid, besides the sudden transitions, and mastering is mostly fine. I do think the sound design could use a fair bit of work though, as everything you're using seems a bit rough around the edges.

MajorMusic responds:

The rough around the edges stuff is probably just a result of using a free DAW.

Sounds great, and definitely has the potential for vocals. I'm not sure this is techno though.

I also miss your old attempts to create trailer music, because they led to something as amazing as this.

I0TA responds:

Thanks friend

I didn't like the second half of this that much, as much of it sounded like mostly the same things repeating. The first half of this absolutely blew me away though.

The composition is pretty nice for this. So is the sound design, besides the snare from 0:21-0:35, which could use some work. The mastering needs a lot of work though. Everything is blended together, and the volume for most everything needs to be brought up some. Mastering is a balance of having your sounds loud enough that people can hear them, but not so loud that they walk over the other sounds, and everything sounds like it's at a pretty similar volume level in this. The outro also could use a bit of work, the idea of an outro is for it to be a satisfying end to the song, regardless of whether it's a conclusion or not.

The composition seems pretty decent, as does the sound design. That said, you do need to raise the volume quite a bit.

Simple and repetitive track. It could definitely use some automation tracks to make it's elements more interesting. The percussion choice during the middle of the song needs to be a bit quieter, as it currently is hurtful to the ears. The end part where the sound cuts out periodically is the best part of this song, although I feel it could be better if it didn't cut out completely, just mostly.

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