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Never heard anything like this before. Sounds somewhere in between disco, jazz, and pop, and the intro and outro sound almost classical.

This is nothing short of fabulous. I especially love the sweeping effect that enters during the first refrain, and the way you layered the vocals during the second one.

Very nice, seemed a little muddy in spots but otherwise great.

Wonderful atmosphere you have throughout this. The ending felt unsatisfying, though, as it doesn't really feel like any part of it is a conclusion.

XenoXenon responds:

Ok :) thanks for feedback

The mixing and mastering is really great in this one, even though the composition feels a bit dull. That hilarious ending can't go unmentioned, however.

You have decent composition, but your sound design sounds really basic, to me. You could definitely use some light reverb on the piano in the intro, too.

Instrumentation could be a bit better, and the vocals would sound better if they sounded more analogous, I think. Regardless, this has an excellent concept behind it.

BenTibbetts responds:

Agreed. I could have spent more time on the instrumentation. Not sure what I could have done about the voice except use different software (or perhaps experiment with inputting alternate spelling / nonsense syllables).

Can't wait for when you've gotten used to it, it'll sound wonderful.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I can't wait either! So much more alive than the other pianos I've used. Thanks for listening :)

Not gonna lie, your percussion is fooling me into thinking it's clipping even though it's mastered really cleanly. It loops super cleanly this time, too, but by far my favorite part is 4:10. That transition was super smooth and that melody felt just off-beat enough to feel like its own separate part, while still being a part of the track.

As a side note, I think you might've mastered this one a bit quietly, unlike your other songs I actually had to turn my volume up to be able to hear it properly.

I0TA responds:

This was intended as a glitchhop track, but fixed into triphop, I forgot to remove the off beat parts.

Thank you for your review :)

This screams both WRONG and RIGHT to me in every way...

This seems like a cool box to fill in with whatever.



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